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Band Biography

Jay Marshall

I have a winky and because of this I, just like almost every other human with a winky find it virtually impossible to talk about my feelings.
Fortunately, us menfolk can sing about them and so my songs are my very personal diary tracing my journey as I aim to apply law of attraction and other personal development principles in my life.
I have been blessed with fantastic results so far and my music is one way to share my struggles and great successes along the way...!

Ava Volante

I am Ava, as a little girl I believed I was special, that I was meant for great things, to touch people's lives and ultimately impact the world in some way, and to live the most extraordinary life experience.
Born2win is my way of fulfilling my dreams to share our music is to share our thoughts and feelings, I love seeing people realise their potential, I love seeing people light up when they connect with our philosophy that we are all born to win.
I love smiling, laughing, playing music and spending time with my buddies.
I know I'm blessed and it's something I appreciate in every moment.
I truly do hope you will enjoy our music as much as we enjoyed making it.

Emmy Rivers

I have a winky and because of this I, ... no no no, wrong bio! ;)
I'm a little bit fluffy in the middle... I literally had a dream as a child that a unicorn flew me over the rainbow and into school, and I have loved unicorns ever since. I also cry EVERY TIME I watch frozen, which is as often as possible.
However as a fully functioning adult human, I realise life's not all fluff... in fact sometimes its downright obnoxious.. and I mean spit in your eye and steal your unicorn slippers levels of evil!
Some folks let life get them down, they give up on happiness, get bitter and run around pulling peoples hairs and telling children that Santa doesn't exist. But this doesn't make them happy.
As such, this is not a viable option for many...
Enter Born2Win... the sexiest cult alive, I mean band alive... the sexiest BAND alive!
The song's will make you think, make you feel like someone's been reading your diary, make you cry, make you feel connected, and finally, make you feel like you've just won the lottery... Which is the way I feel for getting to be a part of this, and for getting to share it with you... until next time my friends - Emmy Rockstar Rivers - out!
*drops mic*
PHOTO-2020-07-15-19-23-12 - Copy.jpg
There are many things in life that challenge us at times, and sometimes we feel as though we will never make it through, that life has too many problems.
As a thinking person, willing to go wherever the truth leads me, there have been times where I have felt like this, but the most important thing to do is remember that all of us are ‘born to win’, born to succeed, born to thrive. The greatest lie is that we are not worthy.
As a member of Born2Win, this is my whole philosophy, that whatever comes my way, we are strong, powerful and more than able to accomplish anything we want to in life.
My love for music and singing started when I was very young, from Elvis Presley, to Bon Jovi to enigma. I was always surrounded by it.
I had my first guitar when I was 12, and have loved it ever since. It provides a way to express my inner self in a way that transcends words.
Music can be one of the most powerful gifts we have.  Used for positive and encouraging ways, it’s able to transport the listener beyond time, and thus relate to them that they are also Born2Win.
It is my honor to be part of your journey, to provide you with a catalyst so you also can be a powerful force in this wonderful world.
See you on the road !

Emmanuel Wolf




The philosophy of the band is that you can achieve anything you want to do in life as long as you just decide too. We all know that this is not always necessarily easy to do.


But I am proof that by having a born to win attitude you can. We have more control on our life experience then we realise. By being aware that our thoughts affect our actions and our actions affect our results.


Changing the way I think has taken me on a whole new journey and led me to where I am now.


Before I started working on myself I never thought I would be a musician but Being part of Born2Win is a privilege.


Hopefully we will inspire others through our music and remind them that we are all Born2Win

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