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Music Biography

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"Music is the poetry of life set to emotionally pleasing melody” 


Jay Marshall

Born2Win singer songwriter.


Born2Win have this philosophy at heart. The songs are personal, of this there is no doubt but also undeniably universal in their raw emotion and passion.

Desire and pain balanced with determination and euphoria are emotions we all connect with.


These true to life stories set against flowing melody and catchy choruses ensure a roller coaster ride of emotions that is hard not to appreciate.

“Sensitive, sincere and enthusiastic, your possibilities are unlimited”

-Karl Allen Melonson, Berklee College of Music, Music Director at WBACH Radio rtd.

"We at Shabbey Road Recording Studio believe these guys are going to change the world...!"

-Al Steele, Session musician, Composer, Producer.

“Cardiff’s best kept secret, your energy is amazing”...

-Pete Davy, Guitarist-Roosevelt

"Outstanding vocals looking forward to touring with you in 2018"

-James ‘everyone’s gotta learn sometime’ Warren, songwriter, bass, Korgis

"Truly awesome, fabulous blend of acoustics and great vocals, brilliant!"

- Gary Law, Lead Guitar, Stiff Kittens.

"Love your music it’s so inspiring and emotional"

- Ruth Verlest, Bassist at Lissnorman

“Excellent..! Such an inspiring experience!”

- Isabella Gulic


Coming from meagre beginnings, all four band mates found themselves working hard to make a mark on the world, initially through entrepreneurship, coming together in early in 2004 and eventually forming four successful businesses over a ten year period. The music developed organically gleaned from the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life and for these music lovers, music formed the natural outlet.


“The songs flow freely, when they give me goosebumps or make me emotional I know it’s a keeper”.... Jay Marshall. The lyrics that result are raw, sensitive and brutally honest. The music is played with an unusual sensitivity, connection and therefore passion. The result is a band that transcends the commonly accepted notion of a group of musicians on stage playing music to a universally emotionally touching experience delivered with rare authenticity.

After successfully retiring at early ages from the corporate world, Jay Marshall (song writer and acoustic guitar,) Ava Volante, (bass and backing vocals,) Emmy Rivers, (backing vocals and rhythm guitar) and Dave ‘chilly’ Halford on drums found new inspiration to share the music gained from painful life experience and the journey to fulfillment that followed.


Lead vocal/Acoustic Guitar, Songwriter


Clearly a deep thinker and an emotionally intuitive guy, its no wonder that Jay provides the raw emotion to the band.


His unique vocal conveys this raw emotion in a highly compelling manner, all while playing over and between the tight rhythm section  

Jay Marshall

Born2Win- Meet the Band
Born2Win- Meet the Band

Born2Win- Meet the Band

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